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How to open, schedule, edit or delete a meeting?
How to open, schedule, edit or delete a meeting?

Learn how to plan, start, modify and remove a meeting and its recurrence

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All core-circle member can open or schedule a meeting for their circle. You can either start a meeting immediately or schedule a one-time or recurring meeting. When meetings have been scheduled in advance, members of the circle can sync the meetings to their personal calendars.

How to open a meeting

👤 You need to be a decision-maker member to open a meeting for your circle.

To open a meeting:

  • Go to the Meetings app in the left-hand navigation menu

  • Click on Add meeting

  • Give your meeting a title

  • Select the meeting template you want to use

  • Select the Circle you want to hold the meeting for

  • You can add extra fields: videoconference link, location, and description

  • Click on Open now: the meeting is now open, and all circle members can join it

You can also open a meeting directly from the circle page:

  • Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the circle page

  • Select Open a meeting and follow the same steps as above

📌 Notes:

  • The member who opens the meeting is considered to be the meeting's secretary. You can change the meeting secretary at any point of the meeting by clicking on your avatar in the top right corner of the page.

  • The notification shown on the bell icon in the left-hand navigation menu advises you a meeting light currently be opened for one of your circles.

How to schedule a meeting and add its recurrence?

  • Follow the same steps as to open a meeting

  • Click on Start date to schedule the meeting at a future date

  • Click on Add recurrence button box to set recurring meetings (optional)

There are no limitations! You can choose any recurrence you need, for example:

  • Daily,

  • Weekly, bi-weekly,

  • Several times a week,

  • Every chosen day of the week/month/year.

How to edit a meeting

  • Click on the 3 dots menu next to the meeting you wish to edit

  • Choose Edit this meeting

  • Edit the information as desired (title, date, duration, fields)

  • Click Edit to save

📌 Notes :

  • If you make changes to a recurring meeting, the changes will only apply to the meeting you've edited.

  • You can turn a unique planned meeting into a series of meetings by adding a recurrence.

How to edit a meeting recurrence

  • Click on the 3 dots menu next to the meeting

  • Choose Edit recurrence

  • Edit the recurrence as desired

  • Click Edit to save

📌 Note: All modifications will be applied to the edited meeting and the following meetings of the recurrence.

How to delete a meeting or a recurrence

  • Click on the 3 dots to the right of the meeting you wish to delete

  • Select Delete meeting

  • Choose whether to delete only one meeting or all the meeting recurrence

  • Decide if you want to transfer agenda items to another meeting

  • Select the meeting where the agenda items will be placed

  • Click on Delete to save the changes

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