How to create a Meeting Template?

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👉 Custom meeting templates are included with Rise, Scale and Enterprise plans. Find out more!

Holaspirit comes with two default meeting types (Tactical and Governance meetings), but you can also create your own meeting structure with re-usable meeting templates that capture your team's routines and processes.

Create and customize a meeting template

👤 Only Administrators can create and manage meeting templates.

  • Go to the Administration menu

  • Scroll down to Meetings in the left-hand side menu

  • Click on Add meeting template

  • Give your new template a name to easily find it in your template library

To customize a new template:

  • Click on Add steps and select the desired steps. You can re-order the steps with a simple drag and drop.

  • You can create custom steps upon selecting Custom step in the dropdown menu.

Tip: Add a custom step to your template as a dedicated space for the meeting’s official notes. The meeting notes can include updates, meeting highlights, news, decision.

A crucial part of the meeting is the Agenda step: it allows for tensions to be discussed and processed. The meeting Secretary can create next actions and items, as results to the tension, to hold members accountable and keep things moving!

Next actions and items include a new checklist, action, metric, project, OKR, tension or governance items (election, adding a role).

To define the next actions available in the Agenda step:

  • Click on Add steps and select Agenda

  • Click on the "+" icon to select the activities you want included in your meeting

📌 Note: If no activity is selected within the Agenda step, you will see the tensions added by the circle's members and secretary without being able to add evolutions to them.

  • Click on Create when you're done

👉 Your meeting template is now saved and can be used by all users in your organization when creating a new meeting.

Edit or delete a meeting template

To edit a meeting template:

  • Go to the Administration menu

  • Scroll down to Meetings in the left-hand side menu

  • Click on the 3 dots next to the template and select Edit meeting template

You can choose to add, remove, edit or event move the steps around, change what's included in your Agenda or rename it.

  • Click on Save

To permanently remove a meeting template, simply select Delete meeting template.

Enable and disable meeting templates

You can choose to enable the desired templates and allow all users in your organization to use them to schedule or open meetings for their circle.

If you disable a template, it will remain among the others meeting templates, but won't appear for users when creating a meeting.

📌 Note: You can decide to enable and disable templates at any point.

How to use meeting templates?

When creating a meeting, select the template that fits your meeting structure!

  • Click on Add Meeting

  • Select the desired template from the drop-down menu

  • Select the circle having the meeting

  • Fill in all the requested fields

  • Click on Schedule or Open now to save your meeting

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