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How to add, edit and delete Checklists?
How to add, edit and delete Checklists?

Learn about managing role and circle checklists on Holaspirit

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Checklists are a dimension of the role or the circle and describe its recurrent activities.

Access a role's checklists from the role or circle page. 

Also, you can find the checklists of your organization's members from the Members page. 


Role or circle checklists provide the opportunity for circle and organization members to have visibility into a recurring role or circle action. 

It is impossible to list all role checklists, but It is interesting to document and create checklists for recurring actions that other circle members want to have visibility on. This way, everyone can get the transparency they need. For example, the Finance role wants to know if the Sales role has sent invoices to customers. In this case, the Sales role can create a “Sent Invoices” checklist for the Sales role.

A checklist follows a frequency, it can be daily, weekly, monthly, and can be assigned to a role or a member in the organization.

Checklists are reviewed and validated during circle meetings. For Holacracy practitioners, checklists are reviewed during the tactical meeting.

To add, edit, and delete checklists, go to the roles/circles page. You can also do it during the circle meeting.

Adding a checklist 

All members of a circle can add, edit, or delete checklists for the circle's roles on Holaspirit. All members of a circle can be assigned checklists.

In the Checklists section of a role or circle, click on Add Checklist.

Add a title to the card. You can assign a role, one or more members. 

You can choose the recurrence and describe the checklist in the Description field. You can link the checklist card to a document from a file picker or a link. 

Sort checklists

Group checklists by Recurrence to better organize yourself. 

Editing a Checklist 

To edit a checklist, click on the checklist card in a meeting or directly from the role or circle page.

Deleting a checklist 

Delete a checklist from a role or circle by clicking on the checklist card, or via the menu by clicking on the 3 dots on the right of the checklist.

Review checklists during a meeting

Prerequisite: open a tactical meeting or a meeting template containing the Review Checklists step. (see also how to open a meeting)

Checklists can be validated during meetings when all circle members are present. The meeting secretary can check off the checklists that have been made by the assigned members and roles.

In the checklists step of the meeting:

  • Click on Add a Checklist

  • Add a Title, Assign the desired Role, Complete the Recurrence, and optionally the Description which you can fully customize using the rich text editor feature 

  • You can also assign one, or more, members of the relevant role

The checklists can evolve from one meeting to another, according to the needs of the circle. To edit or delete, simply click on the checklist as the meeting secretary.

How to validate a checklist? The review of the checklist allows each role to say whether it has done certain recurring actions considered useful to follow. Each role says “check” or “not check”. You can validate your checklists during the tactical meeting or a meeting containing the checklist step. The secretary of the meeting can check the checklist concerned if the member assigned to perform the action

⭐ Tip: Group the checklists in the circle by Recurrence, Role and Member for better visualization.

⚠️ Important: You cannot check the checklist from the role or circle page directly.

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