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Time Spent in Roles add-on
Activate the Time Spent in my Roles add-on
Activate the Time Spent in my Roles add-on

Learn how to enable Time Spent in Roles add-on

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👤 You need to be an administrator to activate Time Spent in Roles add-on.

The Time Spent in Roles add-on allows:

  • Users to enter the approximate time they spend in each of their roles.

  • Members of the organization to have information on the number of FTEs (Full Time Equivalent) involved in each role of the circle.

  • Role(s) in charge of the assignment within the circle to promote the role in a marketplace to invite other users to come and fill it.

  • Administrators to export this data in Excel.

How to activate the add-on?

You can activate the Time Spent in Roles add-on in Administration:

  • Click on your Profile icon at the bottom of the left navigation menu

  • Click on Administration

  • Go to Add-ons and click on Time Spent in Roles

Activating the add-on will have the following consequences on the interface:

  • Display of a new section in the user Profile to access the feature and enter an estimation of the time he/she spends in each role.

  • Display of an estimated time spent (based on Full Time Equivalent) on all the roles and circles pages of the organization. This information is visible to all members of the organization.

After activating the add-on and for all the members that have captured the necessary information, the time spent in roles will show by clicking on their members profile in the Members app:

📌 Notes:

The Full Time Equivalent is calculated based on the time entered by users in each of their roles in %.

As an example, for a role assigned to 3 users,

  • Among which, 2 users work Full Time and spends respectively 20% and 30% of their time in the role,

  • Among which, the 3rd users works on a part-time basis (18 days a month) and spends 80% of his time in the role.

Holaspirit records: (1 x 0,2) + (1 x 0,3) + 8 / (18,5 x 0,8) = xxETP

Holaspirit considers a month as 18.5 days.

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