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Export your organization's data as an Admin
Export your organization's data as an Admin

Learn how to export your organization's data

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Holaspirit allows platform Admins to export data relating to their organization in Excel format. This information allows you to optimally manage access to the platform, save the structure of your organization (roles and circles), its members and many other possibilities.

Tip: To facilitate exports, make sure that your browser allows pop-ups and redirecting from Holaspirit.

Export your organization's data

👤 These exports are only available to Administrators.

For security purposes, you can export and download all the data currently available in your organization:

  • Click on your profile icon and select Administration

  • Go to Security

  • In the Data export section, click on the Export button

This export includes:

  • Members (name, contact details, last login date...)

  • Assignation of members to circles and roles

  • Circles & Roles (purpose, domains, accountabilities...)

  • Policies

  • All Actions, Projects, OKRs, Publications, Checklists and Metrics contents and assignation

  • Meetings (type, date and time scheduled, duration, number of tensions processed...)

  • Time spent in my roles detailed by circle

  • Circle details (decision mode, number of members, projects or actions...)

  • Roles distribution

  • Summary (total of roles, circles, members with or without a role...)

Export your member's data

To download information about Members, Circles and Roles:

  • Click on your profile icon and select Administration

  • Go to Members Dashboard section

  • Click on Export

The Excel file will be automatically generated and will contain a spreadsheet with the following data about each member in your organization:

  • Last and first name

  • Email address and telephone

  • Date created at organization

  • Last login date

  • Location, skills and custom fields

  • Circles and roles assigned to each member and if they are a core member

  • Time spent in roles for each member (when the app is enabled)

  • List of roles and circles of the organization as well as their purpose, domains and accountabilities

  • List of policies associated with circles or roles

Export your circles' data

All circles data

To download your circles' statistics:

  • Go to the Administration menu

  • Access the Circle dashboard section

  • Click on Export

This export includes:

  • Circle name

  • Number of Members assigned and the Roles and Circles it contains

  • Number of current Projects and Policies

  • Number of all meetings ever held and the last meeting date

  • Items made private in the circle

  • The decision mode is currently in place

  • Who is the assigner and what are the elected roles

Single circle data

You can export details of every circle you are a member of. The circle export contains:

  • Circle name and ID,

  • Roles and subcircles assigned to the circle, their IDs, the information if they are linked to a template or hiring,

  • Its roles and subcircles creation date and inserted time spent value,

  • Roles and subcircles purpose, accountabilities, domains, strategy and custom fields.

Export your organization's statistics

Looking to get additional statistics about your organization and circles' activities?

Go to Administration:

  • Click on Statistics to get an overview of statistics per circle

  • You may also export this information as an xls. document by clicking on Export

The export includes data to help you track how your organization is evolving throughout time, such as:

  • Total number of circles, roles and members

  • Role distribution

  • List of members

Export data for each app

Holaspirit allows you to export two types of data, for each app independently:

  • An overview of all the items linked to the app (actions, projects, OKRs, meeting numbers and meeting reports)

  • The numbers relating to the usage of the app by the members of your organization over the past 12 months. (Read more)

You can access these exports, for each app independently:

  • Click on your profile icon and select Administration

  • In the Apps section, click on the desired app

  • Go to the Export tab

  • Click on the Export button in the section of your choice

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