👤 Only the Owner and Administrators can subscribe to Holaspirit premium plan and manage user licenses.

As your organization is growing and evolving, you might need to upgrade your plan and allow more people to steps into your Holaspirit workspace.

👉 If you're wondering which plans suits best your needs, take a look at our pricing page. If you wish to upgrade to an Enterprise plan, get in touch with our Sales team.

To upgrade from a Freemium plan to a Standard plan, do it directly from your platform:

  • Click on your profile icon and select Subscription & Billing

  • Scroll down and select Subscription

  • Click on the Upgrade for this plan button

  • Add the number of licences you need either by typing the number or by using the " + " and " - " buttons

  • Choose the billing frequency (Yearly or Monthly)

  • Click on the Subscribe button to confirm

  • Fill in the Billing information and Payment method details

  • Click on the Subscribe button to finalize the upgrade

Your new plan will kick in straight away and the date on which you upgraded will become your plan's renewal date!

💬 If you need help with upgrading your plan or have any questions, get in touch with our Support team through the online assistance chat!

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