The fastest way to pay for your Holaspirit plan is with a bank card. However, it's still possible for your organization to set up a direct debit payment.

👤 Only the Owner and the platform Administrators can access the Billing & Subscription section of the organization.

Holaspirit supports online and offline payment methods including:

Holaspirit manages subscription and billing through Chargebee.

Where to manage my billing and payment?

  • Click on your profile icon and select Subscription & Billing

  • Click on the Manage billing button

Pay by Card

No matter your billing frequency (monthly or yearly), you can use your card to pay for your subscription. Your card details can be managed directly from the Manage billing section of the platform.

Holaspirit currently accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

Pay by Direct Debit

Direct debit payment is available for monthly or yearly billing.

When setting up direct debit payment, you give Holaspirit permission to take regular payments from your account.

Holaspirit will collect the agreed amount on the agreed dates.

Invoices are sent to the Holaspirit owner or to the define billing contact.

Setting up direct debit payment is free.

To set up direct debit payment:

  • Click on your profile icon and select Subscription & Billing

  • Click on the Manage billing button

  • In Payment Method Information, click Add

  • Tick the box next to Direct debit

  • Click on the Set up Direct Debit button

  • You will need to provide the following information: country, name of your organization, bank account number in IBAN format billing address, city, zip code, email.

  • Finally, click on Set up direct debit to confirm. You’ll be automatically charged, either monthly or yearly depending on the chosen billing frequency.


  • Direct debit is managed by GoCardless, an online payment solution specialized in direct debit.

  • Your subscription must already be active for you to be able to choose your preferred payment method.

  • The direct debit can only be used for an amount between 1€ and 15,000€. You can also pay by credit card or bank transfer

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