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FAQ Premium Subscription Plans
FAQ Premium Subscription Plans

Learn about Legacy (Premium) plan

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As Holaspirit has grown and evolved over time, our pricing and subscription offers have done the same. We've come up with 4 different plan levels designed to meet the needs of a pilot team all the way up to a large organization!

To learn about our new plans, check out this article or take a look at our pricing page.

What is a Legacy plan?

If you had a paid Holaspirit account before we introduced the new pricing model, you are currently on a Premium plan, which we now call “Legacy”. This plan is not available to our new customers since the launch of our new offers and will disappear while all organizations switch to our new plans.

Why are you making these changes?

Over the past 6 years, Holaspirit has grown and expanded. We made lots of improvements and added quite a few features with no change to our pricing. As such, we’ve re-evaluated how our plans are structured to better reflect the value of Holaspirit, and how organizations grow towards self-management. The new offers are modular: you only pay for what you actually use by including it in your plan.

Managing my Legacy plan

Adjusting the number of licences

With the launch of our new pricing offers, the Legacy (Premium) plan has become obsolete. To encourage the transition to our new plans, the plan cannot be modified in terms of licences. To downgrade or upgrade the number of licences, you'll need to switch to one of our new plans.

Changing my billing cycle

If you want to change your billing cycle from monthly to yearly or from yearly to monthly, you’ll need to switch to one of our new plans. You’ll move to your new plan right away, but your new billing cycle will start at the end of your current billing cycle.

👉 Switch from a Legacy to a new Holaspirit plan

Upgrading to a new plan

You can upgrade to one of our new plans at any time!

📌 Note: Our Legacy plans are no longer available. Once you move to a new plan, you can’t go back to your Legacy plan.

What if I’m on a custom plan?

If you need to change your custom plan, please contact us. We’ll discuss the best options with you and guide you through the process.

If you’d need any help going over your plan options or billing – you can always reach out to our Support Team. We’re always happy to help!

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