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FAQ Subscription & Billing

Learn about Billing and Subscription, payment methods, plan upgrade, invoices

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Get answers to frequently asked questions on about Holaspirit plans and pricing.

👤 Only the Owner and Admins can manage Billing & Subscription.


Free version of Holaspirit - is there one?

Yes, absolutely! You can use Holaspirit free of charge with 3 users — no credit card required. The free plan is designed for individual and pilot teams to get started with Holaspirit and start mapping the organisation in roles. Find out more!

Free trial of paid features - can I get one?

Yes, you can enrol in a free trial of Holaspirit to test out apps only available in our paid plans such as Projects, Actions or OKRs, and that during 14 days. Find out more!
Add-ons are not included in the trial.

Differences between plans

All the features and benefits of the different Holaspirit plans can be found on the feature comparison pages. We offer 4 different plans with maximum users limits and a flexible set of features.

Plan upgrade when having free plan

You can upgrade anytime to our paid plans directly from your workspace. Take a look at our pricing page for more information about the plans available. You can follow the steps described in this article to upgrade your plan!

Discounted plans - do you offer such?

Yes! We offer both a non-profit community discount as well as an education discount. Get in touch with our team to see if you're eligible.

Best plan for Holacracy

If you wish to practice Holacracy, there are different plans for you:

  • With the Rise plan, you can tailor your workspace with the features you need to run with Holacracy (Meetings & Tensions, Projects & Actions...).

  • The Holacracy add-on is available with the Rise, Scale, Enterprise plans to help you pilot the implementation of Holacracy.


Upgrading my plan - how to do it?

Head over to the Subscription & Billing page and choose the plan that is right for you. Find out more!

Switch from my old Premium plan to one of the new Holaspirit new plans

You had a paid Holaspirit account before we introduced our new pricing model? This means you are currently on the Premium plan. This plan is not available to our new customers since the launch of our new offers in September 2022 and is set to permanently disappear. Check out this article to help you switch your subscription!

Adding more users to my subscription - is it possible?

Yes. You have a few options. You can add users to your subscription at any time during the subscription period. You can log in to your account and add more seats or contact sales for a quote. In either case, the cost will be prorated from the date of quote/purchase through the end of the subscription period. Find out more!

Reaching member limit - what happens next?

The user count for your Holaspirit instance is calculated based on the number of seats of your subscription. When you hit your user limit, you have two options moving forward:

  • Simply upgrade your subscription to the level of users that suits. Upgrade plans can be viewed here.

  • For Pro plans, you will be allowed to create new inactive users.

If your licence user limit has been reached, and you try to create a new user you will receive the following warning:

Deleting users - what happens next?

When you remove a user, it frees up a seat from your current subscription. You can invite another user to join your workspace. Removing user won't automatically update your subscription. If you wish to edit your subscription, please contact us.

Reducing number of licences

Decreasing the number of seats will only take effect at the end of the current subscription period. If you wish to downgrade your subscription with a lower number of seats, you first need to delete users as needed. To change your plan, head to Subscription and Billing page.

Cancelling my subscription - how to do it?

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with Holaspirit, you may downgrade at any time. When a team downgrades, it retains unlimited features until the end of its prepaid service period. At the end of its prepaid service period, your workspace will be closed and you will not be able to access the service anymore.

To cancel, please contact our Support team.

Updating billing and payment details - how to do it?

In this section, you can change your payment method and your billing information. Go to the Subscription & Billing and click on the Manage billing button. Any changes change will reflect on your next invoice.

Invoices - where to find them?

Go to the Subscription & Billing page and click on the Manage billing button. To download an invoice, scroll down to the next to the Payment History section and click on Download invoice.


Payment methods - which ones do you accept?

You can easily pay online via major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) or set up direct debit. We offer more options for Enterprise customers.

Subscription can be billed either monthly or annually.

Billing when adding new licences - how does it work?

When you add new licenses, the cost will be prorated from the date of the date of the purchase through the end of your subscription period. You will automatically receive a new invoice.

Switching to monthly or yearly payment - is it possible?

You can change your billing frequency at the renewal of your subscription. Go to the Subscription & Billing page and click on the Manage plan button. Choose the billing frequency and click on the Apply changes button to confirm. The change will apply from the renewal date on your next invoice.

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