If you wish to give more access to additional people, you can increase the number of licences included in your subscription.

👤 Only the Owner and Administrators can change subscription and increase number of licences.


  • Licences are only needed for 2 types of users: Admins and Users.

  • Inactive members do not require a licence. If you do no have any licence available, you will need an extra one to convert an Inactive member into a User.

  • If you are on the Holaspirit Freemium Plan and require more than 5 active users, you will need to upgrade your plan in order to add the extra licences.

How to add new licences?

If you are on a Standard plan, you can add new licences directly from the Administration settings:

  • Click on your profile icon and select Subscription & Billing

  • Click on the Manage plan button

  • Add the number of licences you need either by typing the number or by using the " + " button

  • Choose the billing frequency (Yearly or Monthly)

  • Click on the Apply changes button to confirm

A confirmation message will pop-up to confirm the changes have been processed!

How will that be billed?

We'll make a one-time, pro-rated charge for the additional licences based on the remainder of your billing cycle.

You will receive an invoice in which each additional licence is charged pro-rata from the time they were added, for the remaining time of the contract. This is the same behaviour whether your billing cycle is yearly or monthly.

What about when we remove people?

If you delete users, their license can be used by another newly added user.
We won't automatically remove any unused licence from your subscription. You will still be charged for the number of licences included in your subscription.

It is not possible to reduce the number of licenses within the billing period (monthly or yearly). You can however do that at renewal.

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