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Can I use Holaspirit for free?
Can I use Holaspirit for free?

Learn about Holaspirit free version

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Yes you can! Holaspirit is a simple, yet powerful tool. The platform is made to be easy to use and flexible enough to fit your needs in the best possible way.

Our Freemium plan is, as its name implies, free and allows you to build your organization up. You can always decide to start small and upgrade when you're ready!

What can I do for free?

  • Add up to 3 users

  • Visualise teams and roles in a dynamic chart

  • Share your dynamic chart with external members through a public URL

  • Access the member's directory

  • Organize and share publications and policies across your organization

  • Use consent-based decision making to make quick and safe enough decisions

  • Integrate Holaspirit with Slack and Microsoft Team

If you wish to access more features, along with an increased member limit, you can activate your 14-day trial or upgrade your plan at any time.

Pricing information can be found on our pricing page.

📌 Note: We offer special prices for associations and NGOs.

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