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πŸ‘‰ Meetings are included with Rise, Scale and Enterprise plans (unlimited).
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Team meetings are one of the best opportunities to create alignment and visibility across an organization.

If organizations with smooth and effective team meetings are more likely to be efficient and productive in other areas too, the opposite is also true. When run poorly, meetings can be a big waste of time. That’s why it is crucial to have clear communication about the meeting's purpose, agenda, goals, and what outcomes are expected.

A well-organized meeting has a solid meeting agenda. Because team meetings are usually recurring (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc...) you should invest in creating an agenda template that lists out common agenda topics. That way you can always be ready for your next meeting.

Holaspirit offers a powerful platform for managing your meetings.

You can:

⏱️ Nail the logistics

Set goals and outcomes to keep productive

It's important to define what results you hope to achieve with a meeting to maximize productivity. Examples include: getting progress reports on projects, soliciting ideas from your team, making governance decisions...

It’s up to you to define the exact details of your objective. The main thing being that the goal is clearly defined, documented, and communicated to the meeting's participants.

Work with meeting templates

Holaspirit comes with two default meeting types (Tactical and Governance meetings), but you can also build your own meeting structure by creating re-usable meeting templates that capture your teams' routines and processes.

🎬 How to create and use a meeting template?

Needless to say, clear meeting steps keep your meetings focused, efficient and productive. Meeting templates allow you to select or create different meeting steps to order your meeting flow.

Productive meetings typically conclude with assigned activities and actions to its participants. As a result of a meeting's agenda item discussed by the team, it might be necessary to create a new project (or other) to close the discussion and move on.

Nail the logistics

Well-run meetings start on time. That means all attendees must be set up.
With Holaspirit, it's easy to share all your meeting variables with them.

Any circle members can open or schedule new meetings, set meeting's frequency and duration. Make sure to add a location or videoconference link to your meeting.

When meetings tend to be scheduled in advance, members of the circle can even synchronize the meetings to their personal Google, iCal or Microsoft calendars so they don’t miss anything.

Prepare your meeting

The best meetings usually have agendas that are collaborative. For all attendees, entering a meeting prepared and having their objectives met usually leads to shorter, more engaging meetings.

As the meeting goal is communicated in advance, circle members can prepare on subjects they want to discuss beforehand and add their own issues to the meeting agenda. They can create tensions or proposals to import to a scheduled meeting or to a meeting already opened.

Everyone can decide to make their agenda items public to others by adding them to the agenda before the meeting starts. Each member can simply import their item to the scheduled meeting. It gives everyone a better sense of the meeting discussions and how to organize the meeting agenda in advance.

More about how to:

πŸ‘‰ Create a tension or a governance proposal

Assign and track follow-up deliverables

Gathering everyone together for a meeting takes resources and logistics commitments. To make it worth the effort, attendees need to leave with a ,clear understanding of how outcome actions assigned to them as a result of the meeting helps reach larger goals. Holaspirit allows you to define the outcomes of the meeting to stay productive, thus ensuring critical next steps happen.

If activities have been defined, meeting Secretary can create them in real-time, assign in to circle's members and ensure they are managed for follow-up.

Share the meeting report with your team

The end of a meeting means a decisions were made, conclusions were reached and ideas were generated. In any case, those decisions, conclusions, or ideas must inform your next steps.

Meeting reports are centralized and shared on Holaspirit. They capture meeting insights to keep your team aligned and make sure others in your company will benefit from the information discussed in your meeting. Every step of the meeting is captured in the report to save you time.

The meeting report is sent to all circle members at the end of each meeting by email. You can even connect your circle's meeting information to your company communication tool such as Slack, MS Teams or Talkspirit.

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