The Inbox app allows you to log and review all your tensions, in order to process them later or keep them to yourself. If you're not familiar with the concept of tensions check out this article.

Note: Depending on the wording defined in your organization for Inbox, a tension can also be called "Driver", "Spark" or "Note".

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Add a tension

Edit & process a tension

Delete a tension

Add a tension

To add a tension:

  • Go to Inbox in the blue navigation bar

  • Click the button Add a tension

  • Capture the name and description

  • Assign your tension to a circle (optional)

    • If you assign a circle, you will be able to import the tension only to the corresponding circle meetings.

    • If you don't assign a circle, you will be able to import the tension to any meeting.

  • Add an attachment if needed

Tension can be re arranged in your Inbox with a simple drag and drop. The group by circle button allows to sort tension by team.

Edit & process a tension

After adding your tension, you can work on it and make changes simply by modifying its content. It will automatically save!

Once you're ready, you can define the next steps and turn it into an action, a project, an OKR, a governance proposal or decide to bring it to your next circle meeting.

👉 More about how to process a tension from Inbox

Delete a tension

  • Click on the three dots at the top right of your tension, then click Delete tension

  • In addition, you can open your tension and click the Delete button

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