This article is a collection of example meeting templates. You can these templates in your meeting as they are, customise them for your specific needs, or just create new ones!

Some of these examples exist as templates which you can choose when opening a new meeting:

Tactical Meeting

This example is used by Holacracy practitioners to get work done effectively and efficiently within a circle. The purpose is to triage issues that have come up during the week and remove obstacles so that the work can move forward. Tactical Meetings are just a great way to sync up on the work of the week.

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Governance meeting

This example is used by Holacracy practitioners to modify the structure of the Circle, when changes in Roles, Circle or the structure of the organization are required.

See also: Introducing Governance Meeting

OKR check-ins

The Check-ins of OKRs is a short meeting for tracking results. They occur roughly weekly (for Quaterly OKRs). During the Check-in, the team goes through each element for each Key Result:

  • OKR tracking: What is the current measure of that Key Results? What changed since the last check-in?

  • Confidence level: Considering the information we have today, how confident are we that we will reach each KR?

  • Projects: What are we going to do to improve results?

One-on-one meeting

Use this template to sync up with your teammates on important projects, tasks, priorities and needs.

Daily stand-up meeting

You can create a template to run your agile process with a quick daily stand-up.

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