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Learn about different Inbox views: My Tensions and Tensions History

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The Inbox app allows you to capture all your thoughts in one place, in order to clear your mind and process them when you're ready. Knowing how to navigate the app helps you work on your tensions more productively and effectively!

The different Inbox views

Because Inbox is a repository for your thoughts, knowing where to find what you're looking for is crucial. Your tensions are organized in two categories: My tensions and Tensions history.

My tensions

This is the default view. In this section, you can find:

  • The tensions you just created and the ones you are working on but haven't been processed yet.

  • The tensions you have imported to a meeting's agenda. You can easily spot them with the In meeting status icon in yellow.

  • The tensions that have been rejected in meetings, and you can keep on working on the process again. You can easily spot them with the Rejected status icon in red.

📌 Note: You can keep working on the tensions you already added to a meeting's agenda directly from Inbox!

Tensions history

In this section, you will find two types of tensions that have already been processed, either in or outside a meeting. You cannot modify or work on them anymore.

  • Validated tensions have been processed in a meeting and were validated by the meeting secretary. You cannot modify or work on them anymore.

  • Archived tensions have been processed directly from Inbox. They were turned into an action, a project, an OKR or a governance proposal. You cannot modify or work on them anymore.

Search for your tensions

Easily finding your tensions improves your productivity: here's how to sort and filter your tensions.

  • Use the search bar to search for keywords and filter your tensions by circle and status/type.

  • If you've assigned a circle to your tensions, use the Group by circle button to see them together

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