A circle can be restructured during a governance meeting held for the circle that contains it. Restructuring a sub-circle follows the same processes as all other governance changes.

Prerequisite: To restructure a sub-circle, the meeting must be open for its parent circle.

To restructure a sub-circle:

  • Open or join a governance meeting

  • Once in the meeting, add an item to meeting's agenda

  • As meeting Secretary, click on the item to process

  • Click on Add meeting results > Circle > Restructure a circle

  • Select the sub-circle to restructure

  • Tick the boxes under:

    • Move out to remove roles from the sub-circle and place them in the circle for which you are currently conducting the governance meeting (parent circle)

    • Move in to remove roles from the current circle (parent circle) and place them in the sub-circle you are restructuring

  • Click Save to confirm

  • Click on Validate for the evolution to be processed

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