How to close a meeting?

Learn how to end a meeting

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As the meeting Secretary, you will need to close the meeting once it's over in order for the meeting report to be sent.

⚠️ Be careful : Once closed, a meeting cannot be reopened!

To close a meeting:

  • On the last step of the meeting, called Closing, click on one of the Close meeting buttons:

  • Confirm by clicking on the Yes, Close button:

All meetings will automatically close after 12 hours. If you open a meeting and leave it open, you may find it closed when you return! The meeting secretary receives a reminder email after 6 hours to close the meeting.

After the meeting is closed, all circle members receive the meeting report by email. Users can choose to edit their notification preferences if they don't wish to.

The meeting reports are always available in the Reports tab:

📌 Notes:

  • Only platform administrators can delete or export a PDF version of meeting reports.

  • All circle members can copy the URL of a meeting report.

  • If a circle is deleted, its meeting reports will still be available.

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