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Company OKRs are about providing direction as to where you want your organization to be at by the end of a specific timeframe and letting teams decide how they'll make that happen. Company OKRs are the building blocks of your OKRs strategy.

Adding company OKR

👥 Only Admins and decision maker members of the General Circle can add company OKRs.

To add a company OKR:

  • Go to the OKRs app

  • Click Add Company OKR

  • Fill in the form as described in this article

For Admins, you can also add company OKR from the Apps section in Administration settings:

When company OKRs are all set, you will be able to visualize how OKRs cascade in your company from the Hierarchy view:

You can easily identify company OKRs thanks to the C icon on the OKR's card:

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