Circle admins are members of a circle who hold additional rights within the circle.

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What can circle admins do?
Who are circle admins?

What can circle admins do?

  • Manage the circle settings including the role in charge of assignation, elected roles and decision making settings (free or consent mode).

  • Define the privacy settings for operations (metrics, checklists, projects, actions, OKRs and meeting reports) and documents.

  • Activate the integration of other project management and communication tools (Trello, Slack, Jira...).

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Who are circle admins?

By default, circle admins are:

  • The member who creates the circle

  • Members assigned to role in charge of the assignation of members to the circle and its roles

  • Members assigned to the role representing the circle in its the parent-circle

There is no limit to the number of circle admins in a circle.

The conditions to become a circle admin are to be a member of the circle and be an active user.

As a circle admin, you can appoint other members directly from the Members tab of the circle page. Simply click on the three dots next to their name and select Upgrade to circle admin.

You can easily spot circle admins in the Members tab of the circle page: their avatar is circled in red.

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