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Learn how to manage circles' settings and exports

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Holaspirit helps teams be more autonomous while still being in sync with the organization's methods and structure. Circles are independent, which can sometimes make it difficult for Admins to keep an eye on what's going on in the entire organization.

The Circle dashboard section allows Admins to make sure all circles are aligned with the organization's way of working, all in one place.

How to access the Circle dashboard?

👤 Only Administrators have access and can manage the circles of their organization.

To manage your organization's circles:

  • Click on your profile icon and select Administration

  • Scroll down to the Circles section

  • Click on Circle dashboard

What can I manage?

From the Circle dashboard, you can easily:

This Circle dashboard allows you to:

  • Re-synchronize circles with the organization's circle settings. (Read more)

  • Personalize the circle's settings. (Read more)

  • Manage the circle's members.

  • Export the organization's circles data and the members data. (Read more)

Tip: Use the search bar to look for specific circles or filter your search by circle, member or governance mode and sort your circles by alphabetical order!

Re-synchronize circles with the organization's circle settings

As explained in this article, circles can define their own circle settings at their level. By doing that, they become independent from the organization's circle settings which apply to all circles.

To restore the administration's circle settings for a circle:

  • Go to the Circle dashboard section in Administration

  • Click on the three dots aligned with its name

  • Select Restore administration settings

Circle admins can also restore the administration settings directly from the circle page:

  • Click on the three dots at the top right

  • Select Restore administration settings

If the decision mode is different from the organization's circle settings, the restoration will only apply to all future decisions. The proposals that have been submitted before the change is made are not affected.

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