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How to create a new organization
How to create a new organization

Learn how to create a new organization

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If you are reading this article, it means you are taking the first steps to induce positive change in your organization, so congratulations on being here!

Click on the button below to start creating your organization: 

👉 Let's get started!

1. Fill in the required information and click on Start creating my organization

2. Tell us about your project, then click on Continue

3. Tell us about you, then click on Finish org creation

4. Capture the name of your organization and decide whether you want to:

  • Start from scratch: set up your organization from a blank canvas and build it from the ground up.

  • Start with a template: using a sample organization will automatically create a few common circles and roles as a starting point to save you some time and energy.
    Whatever you decide at this point, you will have the possibility to further create, modify and delete roles and circles later on.

  • Start by importing your data: you can import any data such as a list of your organization's members, a copy of your current organization's structure and more. We can import your data from Glassfrog, Trello, Google Doc, Word, Google Spreadsheet or Excel.

📌 Note: By ticking the Apply holacracy role box, the Holacracy 5.0 Core Roles will automatically be created and your platform will be set up according to the Constitution.

Click Continue to carry on.

🎉 Congratulations, you've created your organization!

Now, click on View a tour to take the first steps in creating your organization and pick up on the basics.

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