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Manage custom fields for members
Manage custom fields for members

Learn how to add and edit extra custom fields for members of your organisation

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Let's enrich your organisation's member information! Administrators can create members custom fields visible on all members' profiles. The attributes come up using the search tool: you can use them to help people easily find what they're looking for in your organization.

👉 Custom fields for members are limited with Rise plan, and unlimited with the Scale and Enterprise plans. Find out more!

Add a custom field to a member's profile

  • Click on your avatar and select Administration

  • Select Members fields

  • Click on Add member field

  • Complete the Name and Description

  • Select the type:

    • Text

    • Single select

    • Multi select

    • List

  • Click on Add to create custom field

📌 Note: You can order added custom fields with drag and drop. Their order on the members' page will be the same as in the administration settings.

How to add information to custom fields?

Custom fields are visible on the profile of all members in the organization and can be filled in by members themselves as well as administrators. Simply click on the edit icon and add the information. 

Edit or delete a custom field from members' profile

  • Click on your avatar and select Administration

  • Go to Members fields

  • Click on the 3 dots to the right of the desired field

  • Select Edit field or Delete field

  • Confirm the chosen action

📌 Note: Deleting a member field deletes all the information in it from all member profiles. Make sure there is no important information in these fields before deleting them.

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