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Using holaspirit to structure your organization, members can have one role (like a traditional job) or several different roles. Make sure you understand what roles you hold, what your expectations are, and what authority you have.

To identify your roles:

  • Click on Roles in the left-hand navigation menu
  • You will see all the roles you currently hold. Each will show the title of the role, what circle the role is in, and the purpose of the role.
  • By clicking directly on the name of any role, you will shown the full role page. This allows you to view the role in its entirety and a plethora of information role holders would need to know.
  • Study your Purpose, Accountabilities, and Domains & Policies, as well as your Metrics, Checklists, Projects, and Actions. This will get you familiar with what is expected of you in that role.
  • You can access additional options by clicking the 3 dots in the top-right corner of any role (whether on the Roles menu or while viewing an individual role), including the options to view your decision-making authority in that role or resigning from the role.

Don't have any roles?

Contact the Lead Link of the circle you think you should be assigned to so they can assign you to a relevant role.

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