What are OKRs?

OKR stands for Objective and Key Results, which is a method of defining and tracking goals, the outcomes necessary to achieve those goals, and the progress of all steps being taken to achieve the goals. The simplicity, efficiency, and transparency of the OKR system is why it was integrated into Holaspirit.

How to create an OKR

Any member of the organization can create an OKR for any role. Changes can be made at any time, so keeping your goals and progress up-to-date is easy.

How can I see the progress/status of my goals?

All OKRs will show the overall completion percentage next to it. For example, if an objective has three key results, and those individual results are at 65% done, 80% done, and 35% done, the objective as a whole will show as 60% done. Don't worry, our system does the math for you!

Attaching projects

The more details included in an OKR, the more clarity and direction you will have, as well as the ease of having everything you need to know all in one place. With this in mind, you can also attach previously created projects to your OKRs.

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