Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is a popular management strategy for goal setting within organizations. The purpose of OKRs are to connect company, team, and personal goals to measurable results while having all team members and leaders work together in a unified direction.

Create OKRs

A. First, Add the Objective

The Objective defines the goal to be achieved.

  • Go to the OKR module in the left-hand navigation menu

  • Click Add OKR at the top right of the page

  • In Title, add the name of your Objective

  • Select the Circle for which you want to create an OKR.

  • Assign a role responsible for the success of the OKR.

You can define no role if you want the OKR to be shared with all circle members.

  • Add a thorough description to make it easier to understand.

  • Confirm that the selected Timeframe is the correct one. Read more about Timeframe

  • Assign members to the OKR. Click + icon. You can assign as many members as you want. If the OKR is already assigned to a role, only members of that role can be assigned.

B. Add Key Results

The Key Results measure progress towards the Objective. Adding Key Results to your OKRs will help you specify what success really means to you.

Key Results are quantitative outcomes and measurable items.

They are challenging, but not impossible

  • Click on +Key Result and add the Key Results that will quantify the Objective

  • Enter a start value and an end value

  • Add aligned OKR to create alignment. This will link their progress, making them co-dependent. Affiliating OKR helps your organization accomplish larger goals. By letting everyone see the smaller parts that drive the larger objective, everyone can gain a better understanding of how they contribute to it.

  • Add projects that will describe the work required to drive progress on the Key Results.

  • Click Create

Edit OKR

  • Click on the 3 dots to the right of the OKR you want to edit

  • Click Edit OKR

  • Edit the information you wish to update

  • Click Save

Delete OKR

  • Click on the 3 dots to the right of the OKR you want to delete

  • Click Delete OKR

  • Click Delete to confirm

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