If your team (circle) uses Jira, integrate Jira with Holaspirit and get a one-way link.

Here's how it works:

  • A circle can replace Holaspirit Project Module with a link to a Jira Board.

  • When you've connected a Jira board to a Holaspirit circle, Holaspirit's new projects will automatically preview in Jira.

Projects in Holaspirit will not be displayed anymore. If you already have projects in Holaspirit, they won't be deleted, you'll recover them when you disable the integration.

Installing Jira Integration

Prerequisite: It's easy to connect Holaspirit + Jira Software and it requires absolutely zero coding experience. You just need to be an Atlassian administrator and Holaspirit administrator.

  • Navigate to the circle you want to integrate Jira with.

  • Click on the 3 dots at the top right corner and select Settings from the menu.

  • Click the Integrations tab. Then select the Activate button to install Jira.

  • Enter the URL of Jira and click Next

Step One: As an Atlassian administrator, log in to your account and navigate to Settings > Products and select Application Links in the left menu or access here.

Step Two: Enter the URL of Holaspirit, then click Create new link.

Step Three: Use the wizard and information displayed in Holaspirit to finish configuring the link.

Step Four: configure Incoming Link and complete the wizard with the information displayed on Holaspirit (Consumer Key, Consumer Name, Public Key)

That's it! Click Next and Submit on Holaspirit to finally activate the integration.

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