Checklists are a great tool to get visibility on all recurring actions that a role is performing. For example, "Invoices sent" or "Customer list updated". This is a component of your Roles, accessible directly from the Role or Circle page. You can also find checklists for members of your organization on the Members page.

  • There is a lot of possibilities of possible regular actions for each of the role in the organization. It is impossible to document them all. However, it is beneficial to document and create checklists for recurrents actions that other members of the circle wants to have visibility on

  • All members of a circle can add, edit or delete the checklists of the circle roles on Holaspirit. So, everyone can get the transparency they need. All members of a circle can can be assigned to checklists

  • Checklists are reviewed and validated only at the circle meeting. For holacracy practitioners, checklists are reviewed during the tactical meeting

How do I manage checklists ?

  1. From the Governance page

  2. During a meeting

Adding, editing, deleting checklist from the Governance Page

Adding a Checklist

  • In the Governance page, go to the circle or role page to choose the role for which you want to add a checklist

  • Go to the Checklist tab of the page

  • Click on Add Checklist

  • Fill in the Title, Recurrence, and optionally the Description. You can also, if you want, add a link and assign a specific member to the checklist.

  • Click on Create to Save

Editing or Deleting a Checklist

  • Go to the Governance tab, then to the page of the relevant role or circle

  • In the Checklist tab, click on the 3 dots to the right of the checklist you wish to edit or delete

  • Click on Edit Checklist or Delete Checklist

  • Click on Save

Reviewing Checklist during a Meeting

Prerequisite: Open a tactical meeting or at least a meeting template containing the review of indicators step. (How to open a meeting)

During Meetings you can review and validate existing checklist while adding new checklist for the circle.

In the Checklists step of the meeting:

  • Click on Add checklist to create a new checklist in the circle.

  • Fill the Title, Recurrence, and optionally the Description. You can also, if you want, add a link and assign a particular member to the checklist.

  • Checklists can evolve from one meeting to the next, depending on the needs of the circle. If you want to edit or delete the checklist, click on the 3 dots to the right of the checklist and select the option you wish.

How to Validate a Checklist ?

  • The review of the checklist allows each role to say whether or not they have done certain recurring actions that are useful to follow for others roles. Each role says "check" or "no check".

You can validate your checklists at the tactical meeting or during a meeting containing the review of checklists. The secretary of the meeting can tick the relevant checklist if the member assigned carried out the action.

Tips ⭐: You can group the circle checklist by recurrence, role or member for better readability in the meeting.

Note: You cannot check off the the checklist from the role or circle page directly.

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