Metrics are used to evaluate performance, compare results, and track relevant data to improve outcomes. They are excellent tool for piloting a role or a circle and help in making the right decision.

  • All members of a circle can add, edit or delete the metric of the circle and improve the metrics according to the circle's needs.

  • A metric is set by recurrence (daily, weekly, monthly...) and can be assigned to a role, a circle or a member in the organization.

  • Metrics are reviewed and validated during the circle's meeting at the circle meeting. For Holacracy practitioners, metrics are reviewed during the tactical meeting.

Manage your metrics from the Governance page on Holaspirit or in a meeting.

Adding, editing, deleting Metrics from the Governance page

Adding a Metric

  • Go to the Governance page, and then, to the Roles, or Circles page you want to create a metric for

  • Go to the Metrics tab and click on Add Metric

  • Complete the Title, the Recurrence, the Role concerned, and optionally the Description. You can also, if you want, add a Link, and assigned someone

  • Click on Create

Editing or Deleting a metric

  • Go to the Governance page, and then, to the Roles, or Circles page

  • In the Metrics tab, click on the 3 dots on the right of the metric you want to edit or delete

  • Click on Edit metric or Delete Metric

  • Click on Save

Reviewing Metrics during a meeting

Prerequisite: Open a tactical meeting (for Holacracy practitioners) or at least a meeting template containing the review of metrics step. (How to open a meeting).

During Meetings you can review and validate existing metrics while adding new metrics for the circle.

In the Metrics step of the meeting

  • Click on Add metric to create a new metric in the circle

  • Fill the Title, Recurrence, and optionally the Description. You can also, if you want, add a link and assign a member to the metric

  • Metrics can evolve from one meeting to the next, depending on the needs of the circle. If you want to edit or delete the metric, click on the 3 dots to the right of the metric and select the best option

How to Validate a metric ?

  • The review of metrics allows each role of the circle, through key indicators, to have a global vision of the performance of the circle: where are we at today? The role that gives the value of the metrics can, if it wishes, comment very briefly.

You can validate your metrics at the tactical meeting or during a meeting containing the review of metrics. The secretary of the meeting can tick the relevant metrics if the member assigned carried out the action.

Tips ⭐ : You can group the circle metrics by recurrence, role or member for better readability in the meeting.

Note: You cannot check off the the metric from the role or circle page directly.

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