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Edit the information of your General Circle

In a Role-based organization, what used to be department is now organized in circles which themselves can contain roles or subcircle. Explicit Circles and Roles create transparency within the company, all users in the account can see the information.

You can customize your organization chart and add as many circle to represent your organization. We will start with our main circle, called the General Circle. Just click inside the biggest circle and start editing your first circle!

Now, click on Edit Circle to enter your circle details.

What to write

  • Your Circle Purpose: it should clarify the identity and intention of the Circle. The Purpose orients the action beyond other explicit Accountabilities, Policies, Strategies, Priorities, or resources defined for the circle.

  • The Circle Domains: it represent the "property" of the organization (e.g. asset, function, or process) given to the Circle in order to give it exclusive control of that resource. A Circle may impact its own Domain to achieve its mission, but may not impact another’s Domain unless given permission. Examples of Domains: The company's website, The company's mailing list and associated activities...

  • The Circle Strategy: it should be an easy-to-remember guide Circle member’s decisions. A Strategy defines one potentially valuable activity, emphasis, or goal over another.

  • The Circle Accountabilities: they describe the ongoing activities expected of a Circle or a Role. In self-managed organization, accountabilities can only be added to roles or circles. They’re captured as full sentences. For example, a “Website Manager” Role might have an accountability for “Build and maintain the company’s website.”

Now go ahead and start creating more roles and circle

So, that’s it. Once you’ve finished to edit your first circle, you can go ahead and start to build your organization chart and create more roles and circles.

Quick tip ⭐ : Start by creating role template to easily copy role in your circle.

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