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The general circle (also called main circle or anchor circle) is the biggest body on your chart, consisting of sub-circles and roles. It represents your organization. A helpful way to think about the general circle, is to consider it a container for your organization!

How to edit your general circle?

👤 You need to be an organization Admin to edit the general circle.

To modify your general circle:

  • Click on your general circle which is the largest one on your chart

  • Click on Edit circle to enter the details

  • Capture your general circle information:

    👉 Purpose clarifies the identity and intention of the circle.

    👉  Domains link the areas (e.g. asset, function, or process) needed to achieve circle's missions.

    👉  Strategy defines one potentially valuable activity, emphasis, or goal over another.

    👉  Accountabilities describe the ongoing activities expected of a circle or a role.

  • Click Save to confirm

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