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Coming soon: Announcing a faster Search and Holacracy App 2.0
Coming soon: Announcing a faster Search and Holacracy App 2.0
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We continue expanding Holaspirit functionalities with more personalisation options and navigation improvements.

What's coming next?

📅 New features will be rolling out on the second week of June.

Keep scrolling to get a preview! 🔍

Search faster

We know many of you find it tricky to find information in your workspace. We've taken in your feedback and we're pleased to say you can now quickly find your roles, meetings, documents and other thing in the global search bar.

So we’ve made some improvements to the global search to help you dig out what you're looking for:

  • Search by categories of objects meaning you can now quickly search by circle, roles, documents, actions, projects...

  • Search directly through Meeting Reports

  • Automatically see the most recently views



Handy improvements on Inbox

We've released improvements of the Inbox last month and they will soon be graduating from Experimental Features to all users. We'll be adding few handy improvements to improve the navigation in your Inbox.

First, you will be able to access your tensions history so you can quickly how you've processed them. Second, you will be able to search, and sort your tensions so you can quickly organise your Inbox.

Pro tip🔥: If you're looking for a decision that was made in a meeting, you directly search into the meeting reports from the global search.

Holacracy App 2.0

We’re excited to announce an enriched version of the Holacracy app!

We’ve upgraded the app with more features to make the implementation of Holacracy in your organization smoother than ever, and reinforced the new habits needed for success!

The Holacracy App was originally built as we recognized the challenges many of our clients were facing while transitioning Holacracy.

Here are major highlights of the app:

Steer the implementation and ensure safe practice of Holacracy

The app offers all the settings you need to apply the rules, structure and processes of the Holacracy framework and make sure the settings are consistent across your workspace. It allows you to:

  • Assign transformation leaders as managers of the app who will be in charge of setting up your workspace according to your practice.

  • Lock the customisation options to prevent admins and circle admins to override them, ensuring consistent and aligned practices across circles.

  • Disable asynchronous proposals to make sure governance decisions are processed only during governance meetings.

Foster adoption among teams

The app makes the adoption and understanding of Holacracy easier by providing tips and definitions directly on the platform, in real time.

  • The app comes with a sequence of 12 emails about Holacracy, from learning about the basics to building good habits. You may enable the email sequence and help your team get familiarized with Holacracy.

  • Definition of common Holacracy terms and processes are displayed across your workspace behind the "Holacracy tips" button.

Do I need to do anything at all after the app becomes available?

If you wish to access the new features as they are released, simply activate the app in administration and configure it according to your organisation's needs.

What happens if the App is already enabled?

If the app is already enabled, this change may not impact you, your current settings will remain applied. If you wish to access the additional features, simply activate the settings you are more interested in.

How to set up my workspace if I'm just getting started?

When you just start building your organisation settings there are couple of things you need to configure. If your organisation is working with Holacracy:

  1. First head to the Holacracy App and turn the App on. We will automatically charge the appropriate settings for Holacracy practice.

  2. Second, appoint an app administrator who will setup the required rules that applies in your workspace. Administrator App can be transformation coach, Holacracy coach for example.

  3. Third, have the app administrator setup your workspace and circle settings.

Note: The App will become a paid add-ons starting December 2022.

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