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Governance meetings are built into the functionality of holaspirit to gather your team around governance and organizational decisions. It follows several steps to ensure high level of efficiency:

  • Check-in: Gives a chance for everyone to expresses themselves, say how they are feeling, call out what is on their mind, etc. before diving into the agenda.
  • Agenda: Where the majority of the meeting takes place. Members can add issues to resolve one at a time through proposals.
  • Closing: Provides space for everyone to share their feedback on the meeting.

You can open or schedule a meeting following these instructions.

What can be done within a governance meeting is limited to the following changes:

  • The election of people to elected core roles (Secretary, Facilitator, and Rep Link)
  • The creation, removal, or modification of roles within the circle
  • The creation, removal, or modification of policies within the circle
  • The restructuration of a circle.

Note. You can add several proposal to the same issue.

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