Your organization is private by default. Only the users who are invited to your platform can navigate your org chart.

Only an Administrator can make the organization public.

When you activate this option you make your org chart public. Visitors will have access to roles and circles in your organization and will be able to view the information below:

  • Purpose

  • Domains

  • Accountabilities

  • Members

Note: When a visitor goes on your public org link, they can only view the information, no modifications can be made.

Activating public link

  • Click on your Profile icon at the bottom of the left-hand navigation menu

  • Click on Administration

  • In General Settings tab, go to Privacy Settings, check Public (or check Private if you want to switch back to private mode).

  • Click on Save

Once your organization's privacy settings are public, click on the public URL box to automatically copy the URL. You can send this link to anyone to allow them to view your organization.

Tip ⭐ : Share this link with your future recruits or with your external partners to help them better understand "who does what" in your organization.

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