Test Mode Overview

When just getting started with the design of your org chart, you might want to work with Test Mode.

While in Test Mode, notifications will only be sent to Administrator. Users will not get any emails (not even the invitation mail). Check out this article for more information about Notifications.

Test Mode allows you to test the service and to make changes to your structure, roles, circles and assignation without notifying users.

When you're ready with the design of your org chart and want to go live with your Holaspirit platform, you can disable the test mode.

How do I turn on/off Test Mode?

Admins are able to turn on/off test mode:

  • Click your profile icon and go to Administration

  • In General settings, scroll down to Test Mode

  • Select Yes to turn on test mode or No to turn it off.

  • Click on Save

How do I invite new members in Test Mode?

In Test Mode, users do not get the notifications nor the invitation mail.
If you want to add new users while test mode is turned on, there are different options:

  1. Turn Test Mode off for only a short moment. Add new member in Administration, in Manage users. Complete the user's information and Validate.
    Make sure to activate the test mode again if you're not done with the design after adding the new member.

  2. Switch members' privilege to admin and resend invitation mail. In Manage users, click on the 3 dots next to the user and select resend email invitation.

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