This article describes how you can create tensions and share sentiment, propose improvements for your roles and organizations.

You can record your tensions in the Tensions module. Use them to remind yourself of issues you want to address in your circle's meeting and/or use it to create/submit governance proposals in advance.

If you're not familiar with the concept of tensions, check out this article.

Adding a tension

  • Click on Tensions in the left-hand navigation menu

  • Click on Add tension

  • Give it a Title

  • Optional, select a template in the dropdown menu and link your tension to a meeting (the tension will go up only into that specific meeting allowing you to better categorize the issue you want to address)

  • Select a Circle in which you'd like to process your tension

  • Add a Description 

  • Select Draft if  you want to keep this tension private (you won't be able to import it in meeting) or Ready (the secretary will be able to import the tension and eventually the proposal)

  • Click Create

Creating a proposal

Some tensions are best resolved by changing the pattern or structure of how we work together (what we call governance). For those, you can also decide to prepare a governance evolution (that might address your tension).

Pre-requisite: Consent decision making should be activated in your organization administration settings.

  • If you wish to prepare your evolution click Add evolution.

  • Select the evolution that solves your tension.

  • Click Save to validate the proposal

  • Click Create (to import it later on in meeting for example) or Submit (to share your proposal to your circle members)

All circle members will get notified about your proposal and will get a chance to tell you if they've an objection. You will be able to follow the validation process of your proposal in My proposal view.

Editing and deleting a tension

  • In your Tension module, click on the 3 dots to the right of the tension

  • Click Edit tension or Delete tension

  • Make the desired edits

  • Click Save

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