All circle members are automatically considered as Core Circle Members upon joining a circle - even if the user joined as a member without role.

  • A core circle member takes part in the governance decisions of the circle. They can join a meeting, participate to the election process and suggest evolution for their roles and circles.

Manage core members

There may be instances where it doesn't make sense for a member or a role to be involved in the decisions of the circle. Typically if that member/role performs an insignificant task or doesn't spend much time involved in the circle. In these cases, the Circle Leader may opt for those individuals to not be considered core members.


To exclude a member of the governance decision of a circle, edit the assignation of the member for all roles of the Circle and uncheck Core member checkbox.


Non Core Circle Members cannot:

  • Add tension within the Circle where they are not a Core Circle Member
  • Take part of the validation process of governance out of governance meeting
  • Open or join a governance or tactical meeting within the Circle where they are not a Core Circle Member

Note. A Non-Core Member can be assigned to one or several role, except of core roles.

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