Holaspirit gives organizations the option of deciding how role assignment should be handled and which roles can assign roles within each circle.

How roles should be assigned?

There are three options for how roles are assigned in the organization. .

  1. A role is in charge of assigning members to roles. For example, the Circle Lead will assign people to the Circle’s Roles in Holacracy.

  2. All circle members can freely join the roles.

  3. Role is elected by consent.

Assignation of Core Roles

Admins can manage assignation rules for Core Roles.

  • From your Profile icon at the bottom of the left-hand navigation menu, go to Administration

  • Click on Circle settings

  • Under Assignation, in the first section, select the role in charge of assigning members to roles within your organization. If no role's in charge, then all Circle's members will be able to join the roles of your organization.

  • In the second section, you will be able to decide what core roles need election. Election can be done during your circle's governance meeting or via a proposal.

  • Click on Save


  • Only Core Roles are displayed in the drop-down list. You can add a core role by adding a new Role Template and selecting it in the "Core Roles" section of the Circle Settings.

Assignation of Circle's Roles (non-core)

Depending of the methodology in place in your organization, there might be different circle schemes. That's why circle can choose their own way of managing assignation.

You need to be Leader of the Circle or Admin:

  • On the Circle page, click on the 3 dots and go to Settings.

  • From there, you will be able to decide which role assign members in your circle, and what are the elected roles of your circle.
    The list will show all the roles of your circle.

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