Each organization has its own way of making decisions. Today, we still have a hard time getting out of traditional structures that are very hierarchical and based on an almost exclusively authoritarian way of making decisions: "I have an idea, I go submit it to my manager, he tells me "ok, thanks for your idea", and I leave frustrated knowing that nothing is going to happen..."

With Holaspirit, you can easily submit your ideas (proposals) to the consent decision process (consent = who is against it?)

There are two ways to submit your idea:

Every time you sense that something could be better organized in some way, either via clearer roles or clearer policies or clearer domains, and sometimes by removing one of those, you should probably submit a proposal to solve your tension.

Best practice ⭐: A proposal is a good proposal if it meets a simple, single test - that it solves your tension.

Submitting a proposal outside a meeting

Pre-requisite: Consent Mode is activated in the administration settings.

If you do not want to wait for your circle's next governance meeting and wish to share a proposal directly, you can create a proposal outside of meetings: for Holacracy practitioners, this is called an asynchronous proposal.

All circle's members will get the opportunity to vote for your proposal. The proposal will be validated :

  • if no member of the circle objects

  • if the time limit for examining your proposal has expired

Here's how to submit a proposal:

  • Go the Tension module

  • Click on Add Tension.

  • Enter your tension and choose your circle.

  • Click on Add evolution, choose the subject related to the proposal from the following proposals: Role, Circle, Politics, Election

  • Click on Save

  • You can select Submit to have your proposal sent to members of your circle, or select Create to save your proposal in your tension's list. You can then submit it at a later date, or import it during a meeting.

Submitting an existing proposal

  • Go to the Tension module.

  • Click on the 3 dots to the right of the Tensions you want to submit

  • Click on Submit evolution


  • You can follow your proposal status in your Tensions Module > My Proposals

Submitting a proposal in meeting

Of course, there might be some proposals that you'd like to discuss with your colleagues during meetings.

In your circle's meeting, you can just import an existing tension (if you have already created it) or add an agenda item in the meeting. The secretary will be able to create the proposal.

You'll be able to get everyone comments regarding your proposal that will be either rejected or validated.

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